broken car windowA thief’s attempt to break into a car during broad daylight was foiled on Monday in the Saudi capital of Riyadh.

The car owner, a Saudi national, told Sabq news that he had gone to SABB bank around 1 pm and has kept SR 15,000 in a plastic bag with the bank logo in his car. After leaving the bank, he stopped at a plumbing and electric store in Al-Mursalat area. He left the bag of money in the car and entered the store. It was then that the thieving man struck his car.

The Saudi had just entered the store when he heard the sound of breaking glass. He immediately came out of the store to see what had caused the noise. To his surprise, he saw that a stranger had smashed the window of his car.

Instinctively, the Saudi man drew attention of people around by shouting “A thief…A thief”, prompting the thief to run away to one of the alleys in the area. Some workers present near the area followed the thief, but failed to catch him. The Saudi national initially thought of running after the thief, but decided against it and stayed by the car thinking that the thief’s accomplice (if any) would come to the car. He then called the police who arrived at the scene within ten minutes. The police asked the man to file a complaint against the unknown robber.

The man added that the thief was most likely observing him from the bank itself. He added that it would be helpful if stores installed surveillance cameras so that footage from the surveillance cameras could be used to help catch perpetrators.