dead whale explodesA video clip of a dead sperm whale exploding when a marine biologist cut it open has been trending in social media circles. The sperm whale died after it got trapped in a narrow channel in the Faroe Islands, about halfway between Norway and Iceland.

A marine biologist was trying to cut the open the belly of the dead sea-creature after the residents of the island decided to use the whale’s skeletons in a museum. This whale in the Faroe Islands has been dead and rotting for just 2 days, even so, no one expected such a big explosion. As soon as the marine biologist cut into the carcass, the gas trapped inside rips through the 45ft-whale’s corpse with a loud bang, spewing its guts and internal organs all over the place.

Whales tend to explode after they die, and this is due to a build-up of methane gas within the corpse. Small air pockets of methane start building up when the innards start decomposing. The pressure inside can be so high that the whale will explode without warning

In fact, the dangers of whale explosions have caused authorities to take preventive preventative measures such as making cuts in the animal to help the gas escape to performing controlled explosion to cut the carcass into smaller more manageable chunks that are more easily eaten by scavengers. The practice of conducting pre-emptive explosions has been prevalent for over a decade in Australia, South Africa and Iceland where beached whales are common.