syringeA dentist at a private clinic in Tabuk has caused a girl tremendous pain after a needle broke off and got lodged in her jaw while the dentist was injecting anesthesia.

The father of the girl filed a complaint to the General Director of Health Affairs in Tabuk 15 days ago explaining that his daughter was undergoing tremendous pain and suffering. The dentist told the father that he would remove the child’s tooth free of charge in return for withdrawing his complaint. So far, the Health Affairs department has not followed up on the case.

After 15 days of reporting the complaint, the father has now demanded to treat his daughter immediately, investigate the dentist, and provide compensation for the medical mistake. Sabq news mentioned that a report was filed at Prince Salman Military Hospital along with x-ray films to prove that the broken needle is still lodged in the girl’s jaw.

This news comes just days after the Shura Council lambasted the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia for providing below par medical care to citizens in spite of substantial budget allocations by the government. The advisory council also asked the ministry to find means to detect medical errors even before they are reported by patients.