Image: Okaz

The General Directorate of Passports( or “Jawazat”) has posted a tweet on its official Twitter account stating that it was implementing a previously issued announcement by the Council of Ministers regarding dependent fees.

Fees on expatriate workers were applied in July 2017 at the rate of SR100 per dependent per month. The fees will go up to SR200 this year, SR300 in 2019 and SR400 in 2020. 

The Jawazat said the dependents in question include the first wife, male children under 18, and all female children. It also clarified that the term “companions” include the second wife, the third and the fourth, in addition to parents, relatives-in-law, domestic laborers and every expatriate sponsored by the worker.

The fee is required to be paid in advance annually along with the issuing or renewal of the worker’s residency permit, when issuing exit-re-entry visa or final exit visas.

The fee is applicable for all nationalities and is not refundable. The validity of his/her passport may be checked through the Interior Ministry’s “Absher” online services.