Saudi Blogger Al-NafjanSaudi blogger, Eman al-Nafjan, who has been encouraging Saudi women to defy the driving ban in the kingdom, was detained in Riyadh on Thursday. She was in a car filming another woman driving.

In an interview with CNN on Friday, Al-Nafjan said that many women acquaintances had requested her to film them driving on the city roads. Al-Nafjan filmed and uploaded the driving adventures online for the most of the day. Some of the people who thought that the women’s driving spree had to be put to an end informed the police.

When the police stopped them, al-Nafjan initially felt uneasy, but the demeanor of the policemen made her feel better. They were smiling and had a very positive attitude.

The fact that the police authorities at Olaya police station, where the women were taken, did not seem to know how to tackle their ‘offense’ has given hopes to Al-Nafjan. She feels that the driving campaign has gained momentum necessary to allow women to drive in the kingdom now that even officials are changing their attitude about the issue.