saudi airlines unsafe

Drama created by an Algerian lady caused delay in the departure of Saudi Arabian Airlines flight SV1065 bound for Riyadh from Jeddah’s King Abdul Aziz Airport.

According to Saudi daily Sabq, passengers who witnessed the scene said that the incident was sparked when the son of the Algerian lady pushed his seat back, prior to the plane’s take off.  A Saudi man, seated behind, asked the boy  to return the seat back to its position until take off. This upset the mother who raised  her voice and started  threatening the Saudi family.

Despite the crew’s attempt to calm her, the lady continued screaming and threatening until the plane, which was prepared for take off  was forced to return to the airport. The captain requested the lady in question to step down, to which she refused.

The Saudi man later told Sabq that he tried to solve the issue with the help of his friend, however the lady who seemed to  be in her 50’s, spit on them escalating the problem even more.

In spite of the involvement of security officials, the lady refused to step down the plane unless some passengers leave with her. Security finally solved the issue by making the Saudi citizen along with some other passengers leave the plane. The Algerian lady and her son were taken back to the airport building. The Saudi citizen was reportedly very disappointed with the way security restrained him while the lady who taunted him was escorted out honourably.