egypt passportAn Egyptian doctor and his family who are in Saudi Arabia were not allowed to travel to their home country due to a mistake made by an employee in the Passport office, according to Akhbaar24. The employee incorrectly documented that the doctor’s eldest son needed to be deported. The error was caused due to similar names shared by the doctor’s son and another expatriate who required deportation.

Much to the shock of the doctor, he was informed that his eldest son had criminal records and had to be deported from the kingdom.  However, he soon learned that the confusion was caused because a 51-year old Indian expatriate had the same name as his eldest son.

To add to the complications, the employee who made this error died, and it will take about 6 months to make the necessary amendments.

The Directorate at the Passport office in Jeddah received the Egyptian’s complaint and asked for a written document stating that the doctor has no relationship with the Indian in order to solve this problem faster.