Saudi Airlines flight SV 748 from Riyadh made an emergency landing at the Mumbai International Airport after the pilot received a fire warning on Sunday. The aircraft landed safely on the main runway at 4:35 pm and the 321 passengers on board were transferred to the airport terminal.

Around 4:27 pm, a full emergency was declared for the flight coming from Riyadh, authorities said. A fire indication in the rear cargo hold led to the emergency call, reported Business Standard. The aircraft was later taken to an isolation bay, but as no fire was detected, the emergency was withdrawn an hour later.

“The aircraft was parked on primary bay at CFT. No visible smoke or fire was detected. All the passengers disembarked and sent to T2,” said the Mumbai airport spokesperson to Press Trust of India, adding that the full emergency was withdrawn at 5:45 pm, and the aircraft was cleared for operations.