energy drinksThe Saudi Cabinet approved on Monday a ban on the promotion and severely limited the sale of energy drinks in the kingdom.

Following Monday’s Council meeting, the Minister of Culture and Information Dr Abdulaziz Khoja said that the decision was made after reviewing a study by the Minister of Interior about the adverse effects of energy drinks.

Under the blanket ban, energy drinks companies, agents, distributors, and marketing companies are prohibited from promoting their products via any means, including advertisements through print, visual or audio media. They are also banned from sponsoring sporting, social, and cultural events.

The new law also imposes a ban on the sale of energy drinks in restaurants and cafes, government facilities, education and health institutions, fitness and sports clubs, and public and private gyms. Free distribution of energy drinks is also prohibited.

Energy drinks for sale in Saudi Arabia must now carry warning labels in both Arabic and English cautioning consumers of the ill effects of the drinks, reported Akhbaar24 news.