eritrean planeSaudi fighter jets forced an Eritrean plane to land at King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Airport in Jazan after it entered Saudi airspace without permission on Tuesday afternoon.

The plane was first spotted entering Jeddah airspace at around 9:30 am and landed at 10:38 am on an isolated runway in Jazan. An emergency status was announced in the airport, Sabq reported.

Updated reports say that the aircraft was an  F-15 from Eriteria and entered Saudi airspace without prior notice. Khamis Mushayt airbase sent a Saudi F15 plane to escort the aircraft to Jazan, after the plane failed to land there.

At Jazan airport, the plane did not land immediately but wandered in the skies for a while, worrying airport officials after which  Saudi F-15 jets forced it to land .

Airport halls and runways were crowded with security. Upon landing it was discovered that it was not an army plane, but a small Eritrean aircraft with three passengers on board seeking asylum in Saudi Arabia. Investigations are still underway.