crime scene n knifeIn a gruesome incident, an Ethiopian domestic worker killed the daughter of her Syrian employer in Al-Nahda district, east of Riyadh on Thursday.

According to Akhbaar24, the maid used a knife to slice off the head of the girl while she was asleep. The child’s parents woke up at noon to find their 10-year-old child slaughtered.

The maid was arrested when she tried to escape through the house door after committing the crime. Police has launched an investigation.

A relative of the family said that the maid who committed the crime was single and not more than 30 years old. She had been working for this family for only a month and half. He also said that the maid’s sponsor, who was out of the country handed the maid to the Syrian family knowing that the family would treat the maid properly. It is reported that the child had memorized almost half the Holy Quran and has never skipped a prayer since she was 3.

A few weeks back, another similar murder shocked the kingdom where an Ethiopian maid slit the throat of the 6-year-old daughter of her sponsor.