Man in Saudi Arabia rejects SR3m offer for license plateAn Egyptian expat working in the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh rejected an unbelievable offer of SR 3 million for his car’s unique license plate.

The man, Hisham Al Bili, earns a modest income of SR 4,000 each month and drives an old car. He said that about 16 years ago, a Saudi friend gifted him the 1998 model car which is now worth around SR 12,000.

Bili’s car has the special license plate “SSS1.” He said that he had received many offers for the car and the license plate, ranging from SR 20,000 to an exorbitant SR 3 million, all of which he rejected. He said that he did not want to betray his loyal friendship and there has refused all offers despite pressure from his family and friends to accept the offer.

The Egyptian even stopped taking his car out because he did not want to be stopped by passers-by who would ask him to sell them his car. Nowadays he travels around in taxis, reported local newspapers.