Hajj pilgrimA Filipino expatriate in Saudi Arabia who came to the kingdom years ago converted to Islam in 2007. This year Abdul Aziz, formerly named Ricky, fulfilled his lifelong desire of performing Hajj. Unfortunately, he passed away before he could live to recount his achievement.

Abdul Aziz was not in the best of health when he decided to perform the annual pilgrimage this year, yet his determination was his driving force because every since converting he had dearly wished to perform Hajj.

Despite being at risk of becoming hypoglycemic (a condition where the sugar in one’s blood stream becomes dangerously low), Abdul Aziz performed all the rituals of Hajj. He was feeling extremely tired with each passing ritual.

After reaching Mina, he went to stone the devil in spite of exhaustion. He persisted until he threw the seventh and final stone after which he collapsed. Although Abdul Aziz was rushed to the hospital, but his body did not survive the exhaustion and passed away, reported Sabq news.

Abdul Aziz was a resident of Riyadh.