Family members of a young child claim that a medical error by the team at Faifa General Hospital, Saudi Arabia led to his leg amputation. Yousef Ahmad Yahia Al-Hakmi Al-Fifi had his leg amputated  below half of his left thigh after four surgeries, Sabq news reported.

The media spokesman at Jazan Health, Mohammad Al-Samaili, said that the hospital had received a car accident case on December 20th, 2013 that caused injuries to seven people in a family.

Two cases were transferred to King Fahd Hospital and the others including Yousef were treated at the Faifa General Hospital. According to Yousef’s uncle, Abdullah Mohammad Al-Fifi, the child had a small injury on the back of his left leg and the wound was not more than 2cm long. Yousef returned to the hospital after he was discharged, for treatment of a skin condition- an enlarged wound with a small area of flayed skin.

Yousef’s father transferred him to Asir Hospital under his own responsibility after 18 days of unsuccessful treatment with little improvement. Within 3 hours of the child’s transfer to Asir Hospital, it was discovered that the flayed skin was due to a deadly bacteria in the blood that spread through the leg to cause gangrene,  a potentially life-threatening condition that arises when a considerable mass of body tissue dies.

Laboratory test results identified the presence of bacterium called “pseudomonas aeruginosa” in addition to a fungus named “aseptate fungal hyphae”. Several surgeries were performed on Yousef’s leg in an attempt to clean the wound without success, leading to blood clot in the foot and worsening of his general health condition.

Meanwhile doctors at Asir Hospital explained that the bacteria is commonly  present in hospitals and a major cause of transmission is unsterilized mattresses that are not regularly changed. Yousef’s uncle complained that no care in hygiene was taken at the Faifa Hospital.

 At Asir Hospital, a medical team of orthopaedics,vascular and plastic surgeons agreed that amputation of the child’s leg was mandatory in order to save his life. Yousef’s medical condition is stable after the amputation surgery.

Yousef’s family has appealed to concerned authorities to launch an investigation into the facts that led to the amputation of a nine-year-old child’s leg.