behindbarsA man will be in jail until his old mother forgives him, ruled a court in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The man had physically assaulted his mother and  broken her arm.

According to reports on Okaz, the charged man will be given 200 lashes for abusing his mother. The case stated that the she had been beaten up several times . The mother had backed the case with all the medical certificates to support her claim.

The son in his 30s has to be disciplined by the authorities cried the mother. She added that the son caused serious problems and even threatened to take her life.

The suspect has admitted to beating  his mother when she took decisions favouring his sister. Okaz said that the prosecutor asked for the toughest penalties possible to deter the son and other people from abusing or challenging their parents.

The court said that the lashing will be carried out over ten times and will be in public areas, mainly near the general markets.