Reham in hospital. Image: Sabq

Reham in hospital. Image: Sabq

Reham Al Hakami ‘s father has denied rumours of her death. The 12 year old Saudi girl  was administered HIV-infected blood in a botched transfusion.

 Sabq news site reported on Tuesday that Reham’s father said “The reports circulated on social networks and microblogs about Reham’s death are not true. Reham is doing fine and she is in good health. She is receiving treatment at the King Fahd Hospital in Riyadh.”

 Mohammad Al Hakami, Reham’s uncle, said that the family had been receiving calls from people wanting to know if the rumours that had flooded the internet on Monday were true.

Al Hakami said that doctors are now more optimistic about Reham. She will undergo a three-month treatment followed by a convalescence period, she will then have another six months of treatment.

Outrage was sparked in Saudi Arabia after Reham’s case came to light when she was given contaminated blood during a blood transfusion at Jizan’s General Hospital. Activists, focus groups and columnists sought prompt action to extend all required assistance to Reham, who suffers from sickle-cell anaemia, while demanding stringent measures against those found guilty of negligence.

Reham, who was studying in the sixth grade comes from a difficult economic background. She was eventually taken to Riyadh. The Health Ministry offered its apologies to Reham and her family and pledged to provide her with the best care possible. Following an investigation into the case, several health officials have been suspended.