16 years old Sumaiya Karim is from Wokingham, West London and is part of the democratically elected Youth Parliament. Image: www.activeyouth.co.uk

16-year-old, Sumaiya Karim is believed to be the first person to speak from the House of Commons despatch box in the British parliament wearing a Hijab, The Times newspaper reported last Saturday.

Sumaiya Karim is a  chemistry, biology, history & maths student. She was speaking on behalf of the Youth Parliament of Britain , at its annual session in the lower house’s chamber, where Britain’s MPs gather.

Sumaiya hails  from Wokingham, west of London. She said that wearing the Hijab was her own choice.

When they address the Commons, British ministers and opposition shadow ministers stand at the despatch boxes . The democratically elected Youth Parliament members, whose ages range from  11 to 18, are elected to represent the views of young people in their area to the British government.