saudi airlinesA flight attendant’s impolite behaviour towards a passenger on Saudi Arabian Airlines  flight No: 1868 from Najran to Riyadh drew widespread criticism last Monday.

A Saudi woman who was flying first class was disturbed after having to be seated next to a male foreigner, Arabic daily Sabq reported.

She requested the attendant to have the foreigner moved to another seat that was free, but the attendant refused to do so, claiming her complaint was unreasonable.

A number of passengers in first class supported the woman’s request since there was an empty seat available to solve the problem, but the attendant disrespectfully told the woman to stop talking or move to the economy class.

The attendant then made matters worse by offering a passenger from the economy class the empty seat to invalidate the woman’s request.  The passenger, unaware of the ongoing incident moved to first class.

When confronted, the flight attendant said that the woman passenger was unreasonable in refusing to be seated next to a man, upsetting the male passenger and causing him to refuse his complimentary meal.