The shops selling flowers dRed Rosesuring Valentine’s day will be open according to the head of Saudi Arabia’s Commission for the Promotion of virtue and Prevention of Vice [CPVPV].

Previously, the commission had banned the sale of red roses ahead of Valentine’s Day.

Sheikh Abdullatif al-Sheikh said: “This is not our specialty. It is the specialty of other parties. We reject what violates the Quran and the Sunna and Saudi Arabia’s regulations”. He added that the issues were dealt case by case and their role is to liaise with the concerned government parties if there is a violation.

Following these statements by the Sheikh, reports that commission plans to close all shops selling flowers on Valentine’s Day widely circulated.

The commission had ordered the shops to remove any red colored items from the display. Roses, greeting cards, red wrappers to teddy bears were off the showcases in 2008.

The Non-Muslim communities in the Kingdom are however allowed to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a discrete manner.

Florists and other shops selling goods related to Valentine’s Day in 2009 hid their commodities out of sight to avoid being shut down.

Source:  Alarabiya