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Switzerland is known for being the world’s best provider of private healthcare services after establishing a respectable reputation in that field. Fursan Leisure is glad to announce that they have tied up with Swiss Healthcare in Switzerland, and is now the official exclusive agent for Swiss Healthcare in Saudi Arabia.

Swiss Healthcare has been providing private medical healthcare services for international patients for over 15 years, and through Fursan Leisure, Saudis will now have an easy access to Switzerland’s best healthcare facilities.

Fursan Leisure aims to revolutionize the medical tourism by providing all the services Saudis need from contacting hospitals, applying for visas, booking flights, arranging for translators, securing early doctor appointments, and most importantly a professional Swiss Healthcare  customer service team dedicated to provide any assistant required by patients.

With Swiss Healthcare’s wide network of hospitals in cities such asGeneva, Lausanne, Bern, Zurich, Lugano, Fribourg, Montreux, amongst other cities, patients have more options according to their preferences. Also, due to the wide range of medical services available, Swiss Healthcare team is ready to match each patient with the most satisfactory hospital as well as the top professional doctor.

Whether you are looking for an Oncologist, Cardiologist, Neurosurgeon, Dermatologist, or a specialist in any medical department, patients are guaranteed the best match with the right doctor. Swiss Healthcare treats each medical case with special attention, and offers tailor-made diagnostics and treatments.

Aside from general medical treatments, Swiss Healthcare network includes world renowned resorts and centers for recreations in a five star atmosphere. Weight loss programs under medical supervision, whether surgical or nonsurgical methods are available. The Multi-disciplinary Centre for Obesity employs specialists and surgeons with a solid and confirmed experience in this domain.

The examination and evaluation of patients and the implementation of an appropriate personal course of treatment are established with the collaboration of the attending physician.

Swiss Healthcare partnered with world famous and trusted rehabilitation centers in Switzerland and is happy to provide clients from Saudi Arabia the best available services in rehabilitation. The aim is to support patient to reach their maximum independence after operations, disabling injuries or any kind of immobility.

Swiss Healthcare rehabilitation centers include, but are not limited to: orthopedic specialists, neurologists, physiotherapists, psychologists, speech therapists, and a dedicated and professionally trained nursing staff.
Patients in Saudi Arabia are now able to receive world-leading specialists to review their medical cases within the comfort of their Saudi hometowns. Swiss Healthcare is happy to organize remote medical second opinions that are confidential, fast, and independent by offering full assessment, diagnosis and recommended treatment.

Fursan Leisure aims to provide the best services for the medical tourism sector in Saudi Arabia. Clients in Saudi Arabia are now guaranteed a successful and smooth medical journey to Switzerland. Swiss Healthcare professional team in Riyadh is happy to assist you and answer all your questions by booking an appointment, via email or by telephone.