Zaha Hadid Architects are designing a new metro station in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia described as “a 3-dimensional lattice defined by a sequence of opposing sine-waves (generated from the repetition and frequency variation of station’s daily traffic flows) which act as the spine for the building’s circulation.”

This means means that the station has a unique, undulating facade that mimics the daily flow of traffic for Riyadh’s 5 million residents, dvice reported.

King Abdullah Financial District Metro Station is set to become the most luxurious underground stop in the world. The Metro Station will become a focal point for the city, not only as a hub for commuters, but also as a celebrated public space. The KAFD is scheduled to be completed by 2017 and will help ease the traffic congestion in the area.

Riyadh Metro is the largest public transport system in development across the globe, combining a city-wide metro, rapid transit bus, and park and ride services.

It includes six underground, elevated and at-grade metro lines, three ‘bus rapid transit’ lines, a circular city-centre bus route and community bus services. Park and ride facilities will serve many of the stations around the city. In total, Riyadh Metro will have 85 stations, plus over 500 stops on the bus network.