shirianThe controversy around Reham Hakami, the 12 year old girl who was infected with HIV during blood transfusion calls for the Health Minister Abdullah to resign.

After the minister visited Hakami and gave her an iPad in a Riyadh hospital, Dawood al-Shirian criticized Rabeah’s handling of the incident in his show “Thamena” on MBC TV channel.

The spokesman from the ministry, Khalid Marghalni said Rabeah wanted to cheer the girl up, like a father. To which, Shirian replied that the best gift would be for the minister to resign. It is very unusual that the media calls for the resignation of senior government officials in the Kingdom.

This story has been getting intense attention from the media across the country and with calls for the responsible to be held accountable.

Talal Hamza, a renowned Saudi poet tweeted about this incident  – “A smart phone for every stupid behavior”

Adel al-Kalabani, a popular preacher described this gifting as “ the cheapest compensation for AIDS” which “should be included in the Guinness World Records”.

Source: Alarabiya