RC8Omar Bayamin, medical technical director at Saudi Bin Jalawi hospital in Ahsa said that one out of every eight in the Eastern Province has breast cancer.  It is about one in 12 women in Saudi Arabia. He says that this puts the Eastern Province as the highest ranking in breast cancer cases.

The cases are usually discovered at an advanced stage of the disease, due to the lack of awareness among Saudi women about early detection. He said that early detection can pave the way in 95% of all the cases to a successful treatment.

The campaign that aims to raise awareness of breast cancer among women to fight disease was recently launched.  He said that the first clinic for early detection of the disease in Ahsa was opened in 2009 at King Fahad hospital in Hofuf.219 received treatment, against 2844 in 2012.

Luai Al Jbaily, an anemia patient and Abdulmalek Al-Muhaifez, autistic child were honored by the Saudi Cancer Society. The kids had won gold and silver medal, respectively at the special Olympics world winter games in South Korea couple of weeks ago. The society wanted to acknowledge their efforts and wanted to encourage them to realize further achievements.

Emad Al-Jaafari, manager of the society added that the society celebrates International day of cancer every year to spread awareness. He hoped that the breast cancer awareness campaign would increase the early detection and boost cure ratio.


Source: Arabnews