05192014-MoH-Daily-1-ENGIn partnership with a pharmaceutical company in USA, the University of Maryland has developed a vaccine that is effective on MERS Coronavirus in mice.

Speaking about the vaccine, the assistant professor and supervisor of the study at Maryland University, Matthew Frieman said that the antibody levels that resist the Coronavirus in mice were raised by the vaccine.

The news of the trial vaccine was first published in ‘Vaccine’ magazine last month. The US government and other bodies have been contacted by the pharmaceutical company Novavax to try using the vaccine against MERS, reported Arab News. The pharmaceutical company also claims that the trial vaccine works against SARS coronavirus, which shares similar symptoms with MERS.

As of 19 May, the Saudi Ministry of Health updated the MERS death toll to 173 after 4 more deaths from previously confirmed cases were reported. The total number of MERS cases reported stands at 537 after 6 more cases were confirmed.