rehamThe Health Ministry of Saudi Arabia fired seven hospital laboratory technicians where HIV infected blood was given to a 12 year old  patient – Reham Al-Hakami.

The technicians’ licenses were also revoked on Sunday reported the ministry.

The heads of the Jizan including General Hospital manager, head of medicine, head of laboratory and head of the blood bank were also sacked.

This incident has sparked a deep outrage in Saudi Arabia.

A fine of around 10,000 Saudi Riyals has been imposed on the blood bank head and on Aids program coordinator. Country’s judicial authorities have been alerted on this case.

The people involved in the case will face the Medical Health Authority. The authority would decide on their punishments.

The 12 year old, patient underwent blood transfusion last Tuesday, who is suffering from sickle-cell anemia. Reham was rushed to King Fahd Central Hospital in Jazan when technician discovered that the girl may have been given infected blood. Until she was eight year old, Reham had blood transfusions twice a year. She was on medication after her condition stabilized. Reham had lost two of her brothers to sickle cell anemia.