teacher motivates students

Mohammad Bin Yahya Al-Ghoneimy, a third grade teacher at “Yahya Bin Akthar” elementary school in Abha, introduced  new techniques to entertain and motivate students, thus encouraging their love of education.

The teacher has equipped his classroom with a PlayStation , external speakers, a projector and and an electronic board. The students are  allowed to play with the PlayStation for a short  while  after they finish the assigned classwork, Sabq reported.

teacher motivates students2This method has created a  competitive spirit  among the students and encouraged  their love towards the school in general. The students also use the speakers inside the classroom to answer the teacher’s questions in a loud and clear manner.

In addition, the teacher communicates with the parents through a weekly homework plan  included in the student’s file and a copy of it is sent daily to the parents via email and the “WhatsApp” smart phone application so that  the parents are able to follow their child’s progress in school regularly.

Al-Ghoneimy frequently  brings biscuits and candy for his students in order to encourage them and increase their participation in the lessons and assignments. The General Directorate of Education supported this enthusiastic teacher for his creative ideas to improve the quality of education in his classroom.