UPDATE: 561 people were arrested and 68 injured in the riots that broke out in Manfouha. The injured include 28 Saudis and 40 non-nationals. 50 people left hospitals after treatment. Two persons were reportedly killed: one Saudi, the nationality of the other remains unknown. 104 vehicles were said to be affected during the clashes, according to reports on Sabq news.

Riots broke out in “Manfouha” region of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Saturday as illegal Ethiopian workers engaged in assaults with rocks and knives. Police squads were present at the scene to take control of the situation.

The riots erupted amid intensive campaigns by the government against  illegal immigrants in the kingdom after the end of the amnesty period on Nov 3 to correct their residency and work status.

Ethiopians were seen throwing stones on security police cars, civilians cars and hitting people brutally. Some people were stabbed with knives and residents in the area are hiding in their homes out of fear.

Hospitals in the area declared a state of emergency, tending to injured personnel. The injured include a woman and her child.