With Muslims from around the world converging on the Holy City of Makkah for the annual Hajj pilgrimage, rare Hajj pictures that were published by the National Geographic Magazine 60 years ago surfaced recently on social networking sites. The photos, which are being widely shared on social media, were taken during the Hajj pilgrimage of 1953 (1372 Hijri).

The rare pictures were taken by a Pakistani pilgrim Abdul Ghafour Sheikh when he had gone for pilgrimage to the Holy City of Makkah, according to Sabq news.

Ghafour Sheikh was a Business Management student at the University of Harvard in USA when he decided to perform Hajj. He visited the National Geographic headquarters in Washington DC and asked the magazine to provide him a camera to document the proceedings of his journey to Hajj in Saudi Arabia.

Upon Ghafour Sheikh’s request, the magazine provided him two small cameras, which he used to capture the following images:

Hajj 60 yrs ago 1

Hajj 60 yrs ago 2

Hajj 60 yrs ago 3

Hajj 60 yrs ago 4

Hajj 60 yrs ago 5

Hajj 60 yrs ago 6

Hajj 60 yrs ago 7

Hajj 60 yrs ago 8

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(Images courtesy: Sabq news)