rainwater in ArafaThe Holy city of Makkah and the holy sites of Mina and Arafat experienced heavy rains and strong winds on Wednesday afternoon.

Seven pilgrims were transferred to hospitals after they were injured by collapsing tents collapsed, reported Sabq news. Once the rains subsided, 10 teams were deployed by the Secretariat of the Holy City to pump out rainwater and clean up affected areas.

The Civil Defence authorities have advised pilgrims to keep to higher grounds and not to cross water streams by foot. According to a report published by the General Presidency of Meteorology and Environment Protection, The skies will be partly cloudy, with chances of thunderstorms in the holy sites and the southern parts of Madinah.

Here are some photos that show the extent of damage caused by the rains in Arafat.

rainwater in Arafa1

rainwater in Arafa2

rainwater in Arafa3

rainwater in Arafa4

rainwater in Arafa5

(Images courtesy: Sabq news)