manfouha schoolThe 83rd district girls’ elementary school located in Manfouha is in very bad condition. The school, which is within close proximity of the Ministry of Education in Riyadh, has been reported as being unsuitable for children to be in, let alone spend hours studying in, according to a news report by Arabic daily Sabq news.

Teachers said that the dilapidated building was a threat to the lives of their fares as it lacked all basic and safety amenities. The building is 45 years old, and it is constantly faced with power disruptions. Besides, the constant stench of sewage has been causing nausea and illness among students and staff. The school also lacks basic amenities such as washrooms for teachers.

Parents have been complaining about the school building being unsuitable and inconducive for learning. They have demanded that the Ministry of Education shift classes to a new building or at least to a temporary one until a more suitable building is arranged.

Additionally, the teachers worry that the school, which is in Manfouha where many riots and problems were seen, will affect the students psychologically. Children are regular witnesses of robberies, chaos, murders, and bloodshed. In fact, the teachers were surprised when they were asked to conduct regular classes amid all the chaos despite police advice to temporarily suspend classes.

The teachers of the elementary school are hoping for a better locality for their school, one that has office rooms and other educational facilities that are there in all other public schools.

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(Images courtesy: Sabq news)