The make-shift tents erected in front of the Riyadh Passport office were crowded with expatriates who had come to correct employment status or to complete formalities to leave the kingdom.

Today in Taif, people complained that the Passport office closed its doors at 10:00 am despite a long line of people waiting to complete all formalities before the July 3 deadline. This is the second time that the doors were closed under the pretext of a huge crowd, reported Sabq news.

People have been complaining about the long time they are kept waiting at the Labor office. Even as complaints are pouring in, the reality is that a lot more time is required for everyone to correct their employment status. Even though the deadline is not till July 3, there are only four working days left as the approaching weekend is a 3-day weekend. Since the remaining days are clearly not sufficient, people are continuously appealing for an extension of the deadline.

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