The interior design of the new King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah has been revealed by Areen Design, reported Arabic daily akhbaar24. Many sections of the airport are already complete, including the main air traffic control tower and basic facilities such as waiting lounges and parking areas.

The main hall of the airport is big enough to accommodate about 30 million travellers a year, in the first phase of development. The hall is equipped with 220 airline counters  and 80 self-service machines. The airport also has amenities such as automated baggage handling systems and an automated transfer system for international flight passengers.

The airport design implements environmentally-friendly alternatives such as LED lighting to help reduce heat emission, thereby improving operating and maintenance costs. The Bin Laden Group, which is the main contractor for the project, hopes to be a contender for the Global Leadership Award in Energy and Engineering Design that is awarded to environmentally-friendly projects.