broken windscreens

A number of cars were reported damaged on Sunday, 17 November following a hailstorm in Sakakah in the northwestern province of Al Jawf in Saudi Arabia.

The Jawf region saw heavy rains and hailstorms on Sunday evening. Some of the hail stones were so big that the impact dented cars and broke windscreens. Some ice formations measured up to the size of a coffee cup, while few others were as big a fist.

Some of the older citizens recalled the rains and hailstorms that took Riyadh by surprise 20 years ago. The weather back then caused widespread damage to homes and cars, besides harm to people in the city.

hail stones as big as coffee cups

hail storm shatters windscreens

hail storm

broken windscreens in Jawf province

Click here to watch the video of the 17 Nov hailstorm in Sakakah, Saudi Arabia.

(Images courtesy: Sabq news)