king-abdulaziz-center-for-world-culture1The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture that is currently under construction is located in Dhahran.

The 80,000-square-meter structure is a monumental project headed by Saudi Aramco and is designed by Snøhetta, a Norwegian architecture firm. It includes world class archives, library, learning center, a four-gallery museum and children’s museum, cafes and gift shops. The center will organize youth enrichment and innovation programs, besides being act a major venue for live and multimedia events.

According to Design Boom, the design of the center is inspired by the geology and rock formations seen in Saudi Arabia. The center of the structure is called the Knowledge Tower. The smaller structures that flank the Knowledge Tower are designed like mountainous forms.

Construction of the center is scheduled to finish in 2015. Once completed, the center is expected to help visitors gain insight into the past of Saudi Arabia and how it links to the present. The center will nurture creative, social, and intellectual progress and inspire and promote cross-cultural engagement with the kingdom.

Here are an artist’s impression of various areas of the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture.

king-abdulaziz-center-for-world-culture2 plazaPlaza

king-abdulaziz-center-for-world-culture3 libraryLibrary

king-abdulaziz-center-for-world-culture4 multimedia and lecture hallMultimedia and Lecture Hall

king-abdulaziz-center-for-world-culture5 smaller lecture hallSmaller Lecture Hall

king-abdulaziz-center-for-world-culture6 great hallGreat Hall

king-abdulaziz-center-for-world-culture7 banquet and restaurant spaceBanquet and Restaurant Space

king-abdulaziz-center-for-world-culture8 steam water featureSteam Water Feature

king-abdulaziz-center-for-world-culture9 the cultural center's backdropBackdrop

(Images courtesy: Design Boom)