relocating EthiopiansUnder the direct supervision of the Governorate of Riyadh region, Ethiopian expats who voluntarily surrendered to the authorities are being relocated from Manfouha district where the expats had taken refuge for the past few days.

Over 23,000 Ethiopians were reported to have surrendered. According to Sabq news, the surrendered violators are being taken to their new accommodation arranged at the former Princess Nora University near Exit 9 of the Eastern Ring Road. The relocation is being done under the presence of Riyadh police officials and security forces, in addition to medical teams and ambulances.

Authorities have ensured that the new accommodation is stocked with sufficient supplies and blankets. Buses were engaged for transporting the expats to their temporary shelter before being repatriated.

relocating Ethiopians

relocating Ethiopians1

relocating Ethiopians2

relocating Ethiopians3

relocating Ethiopians4

relocating Ethiopians5

relocating Ethiopians6

(Images courtesy: Sabq news)