saudi work 1Saudi citizens took the initiative to work in their own shops  following a lack of workers due to the ongoing crackdown on illegal foreign workers in the kingdom.

Saad Ali Al Shahri, who is in his 40s, is presently working in his laundromat in Jeddah. He washes and  irons the clothes and delivers to the customers at a cheaper price than others. He says he tries to deliver high quality work to keep his customers happy.

A pleased customer, Saleh Meteb Al Zahran admits that he had been availing the services of the laundromat since long but now receives better service in terms of quality and care, local media reported.

Saad Al Omari, Ayesh Al Omari and Obaid Al Omari are three Saudi citizens who are operating and working in their popular restaurant. They are all aged less than 40 years. They cook themselves and serve food to customers. They say their customers are happy and the profits are better.

They also say that they feel no sense of shame to perform these duties and are happy to serve their loyal customers.

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