Miss America usatodayMiss New York, Nina Davuluri was crowned the new Miss America on Sunday, making her the first Miss America title holder of Indian origin.

The historical win was, however, marred by racial slurs when Twitter quickly exploded with hateful tweets. Many of the tweets were in stereotypical references to the new Miss America’s Indian heritage.

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These people clearly displayed their unhappiness over Miss America not being white. The bitter diatribe did not end there. Saudi Arabia, Al Qaeda, and pretty much the entire Arab world was dragged into the racist mess on Twitter, no doubt a case of getting their facts wrong. Many people misunderstood Davuluri for a Saudi Arabian Muslim. This mix-up was evident from the many anti-Arab and anti-terrorist remarks posted on the microblog.

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It was also evident that these people were generally unhappy about the general state in America and venting their frustrations over the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks.

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Many of the upset people hailed Miss Kansas, Theresa Vail as the real American woman. According to her supporters, Ms Vail who is a soldier and an opera singer is a woman who “loves her country, loves hunting, and loves tattoos.”

Fortunately, there were many supporters for the new Miss America. They slammed all the people who posted racial comments and poked fun at them for getting their geography mixed up.


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A blogger from forwardprogressives.com even went to lengths to educate readers their geography and religion. The blogger concluded the article stating that Miss America isn’t an Arab or a terrorist. “She is just as American as you and I are. Deal with it. And even if she was a Muslim Arab-American, why would that make a difference anyway?”

“I’m glad children watching the pageant “can finally relate to a new Miss America,” said the newly crowned Miss America in a press conference following the contest. Ms Davuluri, who was born in Syracuse, New York, hopes to become a doctor one day, reported Saudi Gazette.