mosque crescentIn a gestured welcomed by Muslims in the UK, the British television, Channel 4, has decided to broadcast the Islamic call to prayer during the Holy month of Ramadan, according to an announcement made by the channel last week, reported Sabq news. This will be the first time that the Azan is broadcast on British TV.

The Azan will be broadcasted at all 5 prayer times on the first day of Ramadan followed by one time for the remaining days of the month. The channel will broadcast the Azan made by Muezzin Hassan Rasool.

While this announcement has angered many political members in the UK, Channel 4 director, Ralph Lee, pointed out that Muslims make up nearly 5% of the British population. Lee said that this would be a more relevant media event than many other national celebrations, as told to “The Sun” UK daily. Furthermore, he urged people to start seeing Islam from a new perspective, one that is not linked to terrorism.