halalThe Muslim World League held a symposium ‘Muslims in Australia, the present and the future, and the Halal Food and Reality’ in collaboration with the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils in Sydney last Sunday.

The event was attended by the General Secretary of the Muslim World League Dr Abdullah Bin Abdul Mohsen Al-Turki and by the Saudi Ambassador in Australia, Nabil Mohammed Aal Saleh, in the great hall at King Fahd Islamic School, reported Sabq news.

At the symposium, it was recommended that companies specializing in the import of food should stop dealing with countries that do not take into account the rights of Muslims to get their Halal food, in addition to being cautious of companies that defraud the public with false “Halal” certificates. A proposal was made to develop a system that would provide global standards and specifications for a uniform Halal certificate that regulates the food market for Muslims.

On the other hand, the statement stressed the importance of implementing a control over slaughterhouses and food processing factories in non-Islamic countries to ensure that the slaughterhouses and processing factories follow mechanisms according to the Islamic law.

The closing statement at the symposium urged Muslims in Australia to adhere to Islam and its teachings, to take pride of its Sharia, to put aside differences and the concepts that weaken the unity of Muslims, and finally to follow Islam correctly away from extremism intellectual.