Mohammed AbduFamous Saudi singer Mohammed Abdu said that he was following Allah’s command when he kissed the hand of Syrian singer Asalah. He quoted a Qur’anic verse that roughly translates to “If you are greeted with a courteous greeting, greet back with an equally courteous greeting if not a better one.”

According to Sayidati magazine, Mohammed Abdu said in a recent press statement that Asalah was very dear to his heart. He said that when he met the Syrian singer during a TV show, he kissed her hand in a gesture to reciprocate the grand welcome with which she greeted had him.

Social media was abuzz with comments regarding the action of the Saudi singer, reported Sabq news.

Lots of people criticized the deeds of both the artists saying that it was shameful and unacceptable. On the other hand, many others considered it as a highly artistic and friendly gesture between the two stars.