Source: Saudi Gazette [Boy Scouts (L to R) Turki Al-Rashidi, Rayyan Al Muhaymeed and Abulrahman Al-Guashsham]

Saudi Boy Scouts play an active role in helping pilgrims every year. It is estimated that over 4,500 of them are serving this year. Of them, 366 have been serving in the Health Ministry’s facilities scattered in Makkah, Madinah, Arafat and Mina.

“Despite their young age, Boy Scouts provided good ancillary services to the sick pilgrims visiting these facilities,” the spokesman of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Khalid Marghalani, told Saudi Gazette.

“These services include queuing up sick pilgrims at clinics, guiding them to the pharmacies and taking the lost ones to their camps. They do all that in very polite and professional manners,” he added.

Saudi Gazette interviewed three of the Boy Scouts at Mina Emergency Hospital for their experience in serving the guest of Allah. All them are first-time participants in the Haj service.

Abdulrahman Al-Guashsham thought he would be working at health personnel’s residence, but he found himself working in a hospital. “This made me very close to serving the pilgrims, and made me feel that I am doing an important job.”

Rayyan Al Muhaymeed said he was lucky to be asked to serve in a hospital. “This will help me a great deal to be familiar with the hospital environment and the type of jobs available there. This will help me decide whether I should study in the healthcare field when I graduate from secondary school,” he said.

Turki Al-Rashidi said his nomination to work at a healthcare setting was due to good manners and congeniality during activities at Scout camps. “It really is a great pleasure to participate in serving pilgrims in pursuit of Allah’s satisfaction and reward,” he added.

Boy Scouts participating in serving pilgrims in the healthcare facilities receive a stipend of SR1,500 from the Saudi Boy Scout Society, in addition to accommodation, food and transportation form airport to the holy shrines and certificates issued by the ministry.

Source: Saudi Gazette