Ministry of labour SaudiThe Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia has announced its decision to allow female college professors and employees to recruit housekeepers.

A few weeks ago, a petition letter was sent by 50 businesswomen to the ministry regarding the matter. Previously, only divorced women and widows could recruit help in the Kingdom.

Saudi Gazette reported that according to sources, all branches of the labor ministry in Saudi have been instructed to accept recruitment applications for drivers and housekeepers from working women who meet the requirements set by the ministry. According to the decision, the prospective female applicant must be financially capable of recruiting the help. The applicant must also prove the need for such labor.

With the new decision in place, over 800 women who are not widows or divorcees have their worker recruitment applications approved, informed Dr Aisah Al-Maneh, member of the businesswomen’s forum for development. She added that priority should be given to applications from female college students and families because they are the once who are in dire need of drivers.

While she thanked the ministry for their approval, she said that there needed to be more clarity regarding applicants’ financial capabilities.