secretary principal

Due to the current crisis of  lack of workers attributed to the ongoing labor inspections in the kingdom, Secretary of Madinah, Dr. Khalid Taher and some officials  at the Secretariat took the initative to clean the streets in the central area of the Prophet’s Mosque.

Dr. Taher said that their sense of responsibility led them to do their duty towards the country in general and Madinah specifically, at a time when the country is trying to adapt to changes.

He added that the Madinah  Secretariat supported the government decisions and that his employees and himself  are taking an initiative to set an example  to the people of Madinah by performing these duties, following the steps of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

He added that if the cleaning worker is absent, then it’s their duty to make sure that the country or city doesn’t suffer.

Meanwhile, a principal of a middle school in Makkah, felt the duty to clean the school bathrooms and toilets himself after the absence of the cleaning crew due to the inspection campaign. In general, the absence of workers in schools around the kingdom has caused accumulation of dirt and filth in some schools.

The Principal of Bilal Bin Rabah Middle School in Al-Mansura Street in Makkah who carries a Doctorate degree in Islamic Education said that he was proud to do the job and hoped he would be a role model to students to emphasise the importance of cleanliness and the need to be involved and share responsibilities.

The students offered to help the principal after they spotted him on the job and told him that it was everybody’s duty to maintain the school cleanliness.

The principle urged school teachers in all schools to encourage students by giving them responsible duties , thus eliminating negativity.  He added: “If each one of us, teachers and students, carry their duty towards the school, we would be able to get rid of expatriate workers for good”.