Light-Sport plane crash in Riyadh, kills 2

The plane crash site in Thumamah, Riyadh; Inset: A light-sport aircraft

A Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) carrying two people crashed and caught fire in Thumamah Park in Riyadh on Monday evening killing both its occupants.

Civil Defence sent five of its fire-fighting units to the accident site. Security agencies, rescue teams and ambulance units also arrived at the crash site shortly after that.

The Saudi Aviation Club announced in a press release that a small plane crashed in Thumamah park, outside the limits of Thumamah airport at around 5:45 PM on Monday evening and that the pilot and the co-pilot died in the accident.

It is not clear whether the plane caught fire mid-flight or after it crashed back to land. The concerned authorities within the Civil Aviation Authority will launch an investigation into the incident to learn about the accident and its causes, reported Sabq news.