walkie talkie bldgA skyscraper in London that is still under construction has been reported to reflect sunbeams strong enough to fry an egg or melt a car. The intense glare from 20 Fenchurch Street, also known as the Walkie-Talkie, melted parts of many cars parked near the half-completed tower. One of the cars that was damaged, a Jaguar XJ, had its panels and Jaguar badge warped on one side because of the reflected sunlight.

According to Emirates 24/7 news, a local reporter even managed to demonstrate the gravity of the issue by cooking an egg in a frying pan by simply placing it in direct sunlight near the 37-storey building. Besides melting cars and cooking eggs, the so-called death rays from the tower caused damage to nearby shops by blistering paintwork, burning holes in doormats, and causing tiles to smash.

The concave shape of the under-construction tower is the reason for the concentrated sunbeams. Temperatures near the tower were reported to have crossed 45°C, giving the tower new nicknames including Walkie-Scorchie and fryscraper.

Developers of the tower said that the problem will pass once it is autumn in London and that the “the current elevation of the sun in the sky” were causing the concentrated reflections. The developers said that they would erect a temporary scaffold screen to prevent further incidents. They added that they would look into the matter and come up with a long term solution for the problem. The tower is set to complete work in March 2014.