maid service arabianbusinessA couple in Hong Kong is facing a trial after they tied their maid to a chair and forced her to wear a diaper before they left on a 5-day holiday, reported Emirates 24/7. The Indonesian maid was left without food and water all the while.

The domestic worker, Kartika Puspitasari, escaped from her cruel employers one day through an unlocked door. Puspitasari had eaten some food from the couple’s fridge after she was starved for two days. Following this, the husband slapped her, bound her arms and legs and then pushed her into a bathroom. The couple left the house shortly after that. When Puspitasari realized that the door was unlocked, she crawled out of the bathroom and managed to free herself from the rope that bound her. Then, she fled the house and got help, which led her to the Indonesian consulate.

The couple currently face charges for false imprisonment, assault, and inflicting grievous body harm on their ex-employee over a span of two years.