maid-found-smiling-murderAn Ethiopian housemaid has confessed to the general court in Jeddah to killing a 60-year-old disabled man using a chair, knife,  iron and weighing scales.

According to a report on Saudi Gazette, she is also accused of trying to kill his two children. She is said to have been annoyed by recitation of the Holy Qur’an by family members and was tired of her 60 year old disabled sponsor who had just recently had a kidney transplant.

She is alleged to have attacked her sponsor while he was asleep and stabbed him in the neck and behind the ear. Afterwards , she hit him with a chair on the head before pounding his body with weighing scales. She also hit him with an iron and repeatedly stabbed him where he’d had  the kidney transplant.

She also attacked the two sons who arrived after hearing the commotion , but they managed to escape. Civil Defense personnel, who later arrived at the scene, opened the door where the maid had locked herself in, to find her sitting cross legged and smiling.