first gradeA 6-year-old boy has captured the attention of his school (Saadiyah primary school in Makkah, Saudi Arabia) and the community of the Al Barmawiyah tribe after he achieved an amazing feat of having memorized the Holy Quran even before starting first grade.

The boy, Musab Siddiq Amir Hamza, memorized the whole Quran at this tender age, following the path of his older sister. His father said that he had decided to take advantage of his childens’  special abilities and directed them towards this exemplary deed.

The school principal, Daifullah bin Abdullah Al-Harbi, presented a token of appreciation to the boy and his father after discovering this talent and expressed surprise when he learned that such a young  boy had  memorized the whole Quran despite his innocent, childish speech.

The school principal added that the school is honored to welcome a talented student like Musab, and that he was personally proud to be his principal, Sabq reported.

Sheikh Abu Alsham’ bin Abdul Majeed  from the Albramawih community  held a meeting in his office with the family of the boy, the school principal and elders from his community, during which the boy, his sister and their father were honored. Money and honorary certificates were also handed over.