Credits: Sharjah Police

A man selling cheap telephone calls illegally, has been arrested by Sharjah Police. He allegedly sold cheap internet calls  and hid the equipment inside a fridge.

Police arrested him after receiving  a tip-off that a Pakistani man had transformed his house in the Al Naba’a area of Sharjah into an illegal call centre by breaking into telephone systems.

With help from the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority , officers located the house, that was operating without a licence .

The suspect was arrested after the house was raided on Tuesday.

The suspect admitted making illegal phone calls through programmes connected to a server used for this purpose, and sold international calls at low rates.

He had kept his equipment inside the fridge and made holes at the back of the kitchen appliance for cables.

The public has been warned by Sharjah Police against violating the rules of the Telecommunications Regulatory Act  and making  illegal phone calls.

Source: Gulfnews