marilyn monroe

Following an online campaign by the residents  in the Saudi city of Al Jouf , a cafe named after the legendary Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe  was shut down  till the owner changed its name, Arabic daily Sabq reported.

The mall management came under fire when an online campaign launched on blogs and social media criticised them for approving the name of a “sex symbol” who reportedly committed suicide.  The residents claim they cannot  accept the name of an actress whose values clashed with the local culture.

The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Violence said that it was ignorant of the issue and  had not been contacted by anyone.

Several shops in the kingdom carry the names of famous Western celebrities. US celebrity and hotel heiress Paris Hilton opened her fifth  handbags and accessories franchise in the the holy city of Makkah, last November.

marilyn monroe cafe

The residents of Al Jouf maintain that they do not want a shop with the name of the actress in their city. Mall authorities claim they were not briefed on the name and have decided to steer away from the controversy by closing the shop until it complied with regulations.

However the campaign has been getting mixed reactions from the residents. While some feel there’s nothing wrong with the name since it’s not a religious institution or an office building, others say it was foolish of the owner to think he could lure clients to his coffee shop with the name without bearing in mind  the values of the city and the mindset of the residents.